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Lift / Uber Driver Registration Guide (Tip)

Lift / Uber Driver Registration Guide (Tip)

Lift / Uber Driver Registration (한국어 버전)

Joining condition

  • Social number
  • Over 21 years
  • More than 3 years of driving under 23 years Driving experience in the US More than 1 year of driving over 23 years
  • Owners of four-door vehicles since 2002
  • Background check (drug, alcohol, criminal record, fatal accident – 7 years)
  • Valid driver’s license and insurance card
  • No-salvage, no-taxi, no-advertising vehicle

Once you follow it in order, it will be easier to understand. Uber and Lyft subscriptions and procedures are almost identical. Please click the button below.

Click on it and you will see the above screen.
Simply enter the above information, click the check box (box), and then click the SUBMIT or NEXT button.

Next, download the app to your iPhone (APP STORE) or Android OS (GOOGLE PLAY STORE) phone.
Download the UBER DRIVER APP or LYFT DRIVER APP from each store.

If you already have a passenger ID, you can log in or create a new one.
However, we recommend using the existing one.

When you are finished signing up or joining a new one, you will now be presented with the windows to enter in order. If you skipped all the steps, you can do the following:

It’s not difficult because you can take pictures and upload them directly to your phone.
It seems that it takes about 30 minutes to go to the nearest place of the inspection option without reservation.

After all these procedures are completed and the inspection is completed, the identification of the driver will begin and the vehicle will be operational after approval. You can also apply for an airport pass at Uber’s menu with just a few clicks from your mobile phone. After you receive it, you can board your passenger at the airport’s designated location.
If you pick up passengers without this permit, you will be fined a lot.


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