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  • OllCar's listing limit is

    You can register for free with 50 lists uploading. If you want additional functionality, please purchase the package and use it easily.

  • What is Bump Ads?

    When many listings come up, you will be constrained to the back page of the screen. If you want to get more exposure through the advertising method that is uploaded to the front page again, you can purchase the package and select the desired product you have uploaded.

  • What are Featured Ads?

    Unlike Bump Ads, it is an advertising method that is displayed for a certain period of time on the homepage and the top of the search result window. Your listing will be posted in a total of 15 spaces. If you want more exposure, you can buy the package and select the desired one from the list.

  • When you can not access the site

    Sometimes the browser's cache may prevent you from logging in. In this case, clear the cache from the browser options and then connect again.

  • Request a banner ad

    You can place ads on the sidebar or in paragraphs at any time, if necessary. For more information, please contact us.

  • Best Image size

    Upload your image to 1080x1080 and you'll get the best rate on Facebook ads.

It is a usage explanation for smooth use.

  1. Did you select the correct category? Search may not be possible.
  2. Do not use watermarks in images. May overlap with Ollcar's watermark.
  3. Please do not put multiple vehicles on one property. It can cause confusion in search.
  4. Please use a lot of tags when you register a vehicle. You can search by tags separately.

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